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Frequently PleximarkTM Asked Questions

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1. What is PleximarkTM ?

PleximarkTM is a blood test that helps your healthcare provider determine whether rejection is likely after renal transplantation.

2. What is involved in the PleximarkTM test ?

The PleximarkTM test must be ordered by your healthcare provider The test requires a small blood sample, which can be obtained at the same time as the blood sample for routine transplant monitoring. The sample will be shipped to Plexision’s laboratory for analysis. Results will be sent to your healthcare provider within about 2 days of your blood being drawn. Your healthcare provider will help you understand what these results mean.

3. How does the PleximarkTM test work ?

The PleximarkTM test determines whether the transplanted organ is eliciting an increased immune response from the transplant recipient. This type of immune response occurs during transplant rejection, and can be measured in a type of white blood cell called the T-cytotoxic memory lymphocyte. When present, this increased immune response tells your healthcare provider whether transplant rejection is likely or not.

4. What are the benefits of the PleximarkTM test ?

Determining whether rejection is likely is important in deciding whether additional tests are needed for confirmation, or whether anti-rejection medications can be decreased or not. Currently, these decisions are based on clinical information and assessment of organ function with blood tests. However, conditions other than rejection can affect organ function causing abnormal blood tests, while rejection can sometimes occur without changes in blood tests or clinical condition. Knowledge about the likelihood of rejection from the PleximarkTM test can be combined with other clinical data by your healthcare provider to make clinical decisions.

5. How do I order the PleximarkTM test ?

The PleximarkTM test must be ordered by your healthcare provider. The test requisition form is provided on http://plexision.com/pleximarktx/ordering-information. The completed form can be faxed to 412-224-2776. If there are any questions, please contact (855) PLE.XISION (753.9474) or 412-224-2504.

6. Is PleximarkTM covered by insurance

Plexision will bill your healthcare facility or your insurance plan as indicated on the requisition form, for payment. Plexision’s patient assistance plans will assist you with the cost of PleximarkTM, if there is no insurance coverage

7. What is the regulatory status of the PleximarkTM test?

PleximarkTM is a laboratory-developed test or LDT.