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Frequently PleximmuneTM Asked Questions

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1. What is PleximmuneTM ?

PleximmuneTM is a blood test that helps your healthcare provider measure the risk of rejection after liver or intestine transplantation.

2. What is involved in the PleximmuneTM test ?

The PleximmuneTM test must be ordered by your healthcare provider The test requires a small blood sample, which can be obtained at the same time as the blood sample for routine transplant monitoring. The sample will be shipped to Plexision’s laboratory for analysis. Results will be sent to your healthcare provider within about 2 days of your blood being drawn. Your healthcare provider will help you understand what these results mean.

3. How does the PleximmuneTM test determine rejection risk ?

The PleximmuneTM test measures the relative anti-donor activity in the recipient’s blood, compared with activity toward non-donor cells. This anti-donor activity is measured by the inflammatory response of a type of white blood cell called the T-cytotoxic memory lymphocyte. This inflammatory response tells your healthcare provider whether the risk of rejection is increased or decreased.

4. What are the benefits of the PleximmuneTM test ?

Understanding the risk of rejection is an important component of clinical evaluation when you visit your healthcare provider. This determination is made on the basis of clinical information and lab testing. However, conditions other than rejection can affect organ function causing abnormal blood tests, while rejection can sometimes occur without changes in blood tests or clinical condition. The PleximmuneTM test can add to the clinical evaluation of rejection risk by your healthcare provider.

5. Who will pay for the PleximmuneTM test ?

Plexision is committed to providing PleximmuneTM testing when indicated, independent of your insurance status. Plexision is pursuing insurance coverage for the PleximmuneTM test. Please direct your questions about billing or financial assistance for the PleximmuneTM test to 855.753.9474 (855-PLE.XISI) or email patients@plexision.com.

6. How can I find out if I need the PleximmuneTM test ?

Please ask your healthcare provider if the PleximmuneTM test is right for you.