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PleximarkTMTx is a patented blood test to detect acute cellular rejection.


Knowledge about the risk of rejection can be combined with available clinical data to plan additional treatment for your patient. 


  • Rejection is usually suspected on the basis of clinical findings and laboratory tests, which indicate abnormal organ function.
  • Abnormal blood tests are also seen with infection and mechanical injury. Rejection can also happen without abnormal blood tests.
  • Biopsies are performed, sometimes at predetermined intervals, to detect whether a patient is experiencing rejection, or to differentiate rejection from infection. Biopsies are invasive and can cause bleeding or perforation.
  • The PleximarkTMTx blood test identifies patients experiencing acute cellular rejection.
  • This knowledge can be combined with clinical information to develop a treatment plan.

Intended Use

Individuals with renal transplantation who may be experiencing rejection may benefit from this test.


  • PleximarkTMTx is a functional cell-based blood test, which recreates the donor recipient interaction.
  • The test measures the immune response of recipient lymphocytes to donor lymphocytes in cell culture.
  • Rejection is detected with T-cytotoxic memory cells, which express the inflammatory marker, CD40 ligand or CD154.
  • Results are expressed as an index of rejection.
  • The technology underlying the PleximarkTMTx test has been used for predictive purposes, to predict rejection in over 200 children with liver or intestine transplantation.
  • PleximarkTMTx uniquely evaluates other types of functional cells (CD28-positive and CD28-negative) for internal quality control, and incorporates consideration of HLA-DQ antigens, where possible, in recreating the donor-recipient interaction.


The PleximarkTMTx test is performed in Plexision's CLIA- approved laboratory, and
- Has been evaluated in relationship to “for cause” biopsies in renal transplant recipients.
- Identifies renal transplant recipients experiencing rejection with sensitivity and specificity of 88% .

Insurance Coverage

Plexision will bill the patient's insurance plan and work directly with the insurer for payment. Plexision will assist with the cost of PleximarkTMTx, if there is no insurance coverage. For additional information, call 1.855.753.9474 or email info@plexision.com.

How To Order PleximarkTMTx

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