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What is the rationale behind the PleximmuneTM test?

  • The PleximmuneTM test adds a unique element to informed decision-making by your healthcare provider.
  • When healthcare providers are consulted for routine transplant follow-up or for non- transplant care, estimating the risk of transplant rejection is an important part of clinical decision-making.
  • Rejection is suspected if clinical evidence suggests dysfunction of the transplanted organ. However, organ dysfunction due to infectious or mechanical causes can also produce the same type of clinical evidence as rejection. Rejection can also occur without clinical evidence of organ dysfunction. Rejection is confirmed with an invasive biopsy, which can cause bleeding or other serious complications.
  • PleximmuneTM blood testing can inform healthcare providers, whether the risk of rejection is increased, and whether a biopsy may be necessary. The PleximmuneTM test can also inform providers whether the risk of rejection is decreased, when other elements of your transplant care may need to be reassessed.