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Test Procedures

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What can I expect during PleximmuneTM testing?

  • PleximmuneTM is ordered by your healthcare provider, who must also provide details regarding the HLA type of the donor and the recipient.
  • HLA typing is a way to determine the degree of immunologic disparity between the donor and recipient, and is performed at the time of transplantation.
  • The PleximmuneTM test requires a small blood sample obtained between 6 AM and 10 AM on the day of your clinical visit. The blood sample is shipped by 10 AM to Plexision’s CLIA- certified laboratory for analysis.
  • The test result is communicated to your healthcare provider before the end of the second day after blood sampling.
  • Your healthcare provider will discuss the test result and what it means, with you. This information, along with other clinical information, will help your healthcare provider assess whether the risk of rejection is increased or decreased, so that treatment can be planned.