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Full Time - Regular
Pittsburgh, PA

Plexision is looking for Laboratory Technologists to expand its daily operations. The duties includes work related to receiving, accessioning and processing of blood samples to perform cell culture assays using standard operating procedures, and do so in compliance with applicable and defined biosafety practices. The duties also include recording and reporting specimen data, maintaining inventory and laboratory cleanliness and performing QC as needed.


Job Requirements:

Minimum bachelor’s degree in biology, or related field, basic experience in cell culture, handling blood samples and basic computer skills are preferred; Candidates must be flexible about working in shifts, generally from Monday to Friday or from Tuesday to Saturday.

Education: Bachelor’s degree 



Plexision develops cellular biomarkers for personalized diagnosis and drug development in solid organ transplantation and immunological disorders. We also pioneer in R&D projects centered on integrating biomarker targets in all phases of drug development, from preclinical to post-marketing. Plexision’s technology can be adapted to

  • - Assess disease risk for several immunological disorders.
  • - Predict the success of a drug for a specific patient.
  • - Develop dosing recommendations for new immunological drugs.

Our state-of-the-art laboratory is CLIA-certified and located in Pittsburgh, PA.