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precilinical evaluation in children
15, Nov 2016

Predicting Cellular Rejection With a Cell-Based Assay: Preclinical Evaluation in Children

Allospecific CD154+T-cytotoxic memory cells (CD154+TcM) predict acute cellular rejection after liver transplantation (LTx) or intestine transplantation (ITx) in small cohorts of children and can enhance immunosuppression management, but await validation and clinical implementation.

To establish safety and probable benefit, CD154+TcM was measured in cryopreserved samples from 214 children younger than 21 years (National Clinical Trial 1163578). Training set samples (n = 158) were tested with research-grade reagents and 122 independent validation set samples were tested with current good manufacturing practices-manufactured reagents after assay standardization and reproducibility testing.


For details check the detailed publication.


Plexision develops cellular biomarkers for personalized diagnosis and drug development in solid organ transplantation and immunological disorders. We also pioneer in R&D projects centered on integrating biomarker targets in all phases of drug development, from preclinical to post-marketing. Plexision’s technology can be adapted to

  • - Assess disease risk for several immunological disorders.
  • - Predict the success of a drug for a specific patient.
  • - Develop dosing recommendations for new immunological drugs.

Our state-of-the-art laboratory is CLIA-certified and located in Pittsburgh, PA.