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26, May 2021

T-cell and antibody immunity after COVID-19 vaccination in healthy and immunocompromised

An exploratory study reported on May 23, 2021, in MedRxiv described changes in T-cell and antibody immunity after mRN

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6, May 2021

Impaired T-cell and antibody responses after COVID-19 infection in transplant recipients

In transplant recipients on chronic immunosuppression, COVID-19 infection is associated with impaired T-cell and anti

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19, Mar 2021

Transplant recipients show impaired antibody responses to the first mRNA vaccine dose.

On March 15, 2021, Boyarski et al.

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5, Jan 2021

COVID-19 Vaccines: Authorized for Emergency Use

Latest Updates: (01/18/2021)

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31, Dec 2020

Recurrent Illness and the Burden of COVID-19

Recurring symptoms lasting several months may require ongoing treatment in some patients who have experienced COVID-1

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29, Dec 2020

COVID-19 variant: Early data

A new variant of the coronavirus that causes COVID-19 has been reported in the UK.

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4, Dec 2020

Increasing COVID-19 Infections in Children

Increasing COVID-19 infections in children

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24, Nov 2020

Morbidity of COVID-19 in Kidney Transplant Patients

Kidney transplant patients are vulnerable to severe COVID-19 infection due to chronic immunosuppression and underlyin

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18, Nov 2020

Healthcare Workers at Significant COVID-19 Risk

Healthcare Workers at Significant COVID-19 Risk


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19, Oct 2020

Plexision Awarded Competitive Grant from the National Science Foundation for COVID-19 Immunity Test Development

Plexision has been awarded a National Science Foundation (NSF) Phase 1 Small Business Innovation Research Grant.

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Plexision develops cellular biomarkers for personalized diagnosis and drug development in solid organ transplantation and immunological disorders. We also pioneer in R&D projects centered on integrating biomarker targets in all phases of drug development, from preclinical to post-marketing. Plexision’s technology can be adapted to

  • - Assess disease risk for several immunological disorders.
  • - Predict the success of a drug for a specific patient.
  • - Develop dosing recommendations for new immunological drugs.

Our state-of-the-art laboratory is CLIA-certified and located in Pittsburgh, PA.